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2022 Twelve Exhibitor List
LOGO Number Company Name Core Product Action
2D233 ZHEJIANG MS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. non-standard fasteners, garage door hardware, auto fasteners, plastic head connect bolt, rivet, self-tapping screw, self-drilling screw, household appliances screws etc.
2G212 Zhejiang Nanketai Metal Products CO.,LTD Zhejiang Nanketai Metal Products Co.Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Pre-cast products, precision mechanical parts, welding parts,bushings,expansion bolt & washers which are relative to buidling material field.
2D534 ZHEJIANG NEW SHENGDA FASTENER CO., LTD. specializes in manufacturing and customizing a variety of high-strength carbon and stainless steel wood srews,self-drilling screws,self-tapping screws,machine screws,drywall screws,shipboard screws,furniture screws,non-standard screws and other products
2D127 Zhejiang Ploygon Energy Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. bolts, nuts
1A111 Zhejiang Qiangyi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Nut-tapping machines
2E120 Zhejiang Quanyou Standard Parts Co.,Ltd
2D128 Zhejiang Ronnie Precision Machine Co.,Ltd NUT、screws、rivet、steel、 copper stock,、aluminum、 brass tacks、SMD、steel bushing、copper sheathing、Turning parts、Stamping parts、Cold forging parts
2C519-1 Zhejiang Rui'an Dong'ou Standard Components Factory lock ring,circlips, stop ring for bearing, butterfly_shaped, female or male teethed, slit rings and elastic punched parts
2G102 Zhejiang Sanlin Metals Products Co.,Ltd. Nuts: flange nuts, hex nuts, nylon lock nuts, nylon lock flange nuts, un-standard special parts
bolt: flange bolts, hex head screws. Hex socket screws, square head bolts, Slotted Cheese Head Machine Screws, Slotted Countersunk head Machine Screws, un-standard parts.

2F208 Zhejiang Shengyi Hardware Technology Co., Ltd
2D502 ZheJiang Three Iron Information Technology Ltd
2D234 Zhejiang Tianyuan Metal Products Co.,Ltd self drilling screw , self tapping screw , hex washer head self drilling screw with epdm washer , truss head self drilling screw
2E020 Zhejiang Xianchuang Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd. hex flange nylon lock nut, all-metal flange lock nut, square weld nut, hex weld nut, hex flange nut, cap nut, all-metal lock hexagon nut, nylon lock nut
2D017 ZHEJIANG YOUWEI FASTENERS CO.,LTD Metal lock flange nut, nonmetal lock flange nut, high grade hex nut, wheel nut, jam nut, weld nut, non-standard CNC part

*The above exhibitors rank in no order

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