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Fasteners are widely used in various sectors of the national economy, the largest number use of mechanical foundation parts, known as the "industrial rice" said. According to Grand View Research (GVR) industrial fastener marketing report, the global industrial fastener market will reach $104 billion by 2020, and the fastener demand will grow by about 4-5% on average around the world. At the same time, China is expected to become the best region to undertake a new round of industrial transfer due to its sustained economic development, good manufacturing base, low labor cost, and constantly improved production efficiency, which will bring huge developing opportunities to the fastener industry in China.


Fastener Expo Shanghai (FES2019), hosted by ITE Exhibition Group and Shanghai Ebseek Exhibition Co., LTD., has been deeply rooted in the industry for nearly a decade. It is export-oriented, high-end and domestically sold.2019 exhibition will be held on June 26 to 28 at the National Convention and Exhibition Centre (No.333 Songze avenue, Shanghai).The scale is expected to reach 60,000 square meters ,attracting over 700 global fastener producers and fastener manufacturer to display, and will invite more than 30,000 professional visitors, decision makers, buyers, engineers of fastener distribution trade, auto, auto parts, construction, aerospace, machinery and equipment manufacturing, furniture, rail transit, furniture, shipbuilding and other industries ,providing one-stop business platform for fastener industry.


FES 2019, FES's 10th anniversary, the organizers will continue to build an upgraded version of the fastener expo in the spirit of "originality", exhibiting range includes standard fasteners, non-standard fasteners, stamping parts and lathe pieces, each major application in the field of fasteners, fastener production equipment, fasteners materials, die and consumables for fasteners, testing equipment, packaging equipment, etc. FES 2019 will also further expand the "automotive and high- strength fastener exhibition area", and open up the "building fastener" brand, deserving your visit, leading the future developing trend.


Exhibition will hold over 30 wonderful onsite conference activities at the same time, such as: workshop on automotive lightweight material connection technology, automotive fasteners products and new technology and application, fastenernew technology and application in strategic emerging industries, fastener industry dealer conference, face to face with the fastener industry overseas buyers purchase matching, new technology and new application of fasteners in new energy vehicles. The 10th anniversary of FES customer appreciation dinner and excellence awards is a integration of business, communication and learning high-end annual industry event! It is worth mentioning that the organizer of the exhibition cooperated with the parts branch of China association of automobile industry for the first time in 2018. With the support of the parts branch of China association of automobile industry, the first "automotive lightweight" BBS held at the same time of the exhibition achieved a great success. The popularity of the site was very hot, attracting over 500 high-end buyers from vehicle factories and parts companies!


FES 2019 has cooperated with over 50 domestic and foreign professional media, fastener industry associations and terminal associations, and will invite international famous dealers such as Bossard, Wurth, Grainger, Fastenal, Bulten and ARCONIC to visit and purchase. In addition, a group of leaders from the automobile, ship, electronics/electrical appliances, machinery/equipment, and the aviation industry will be present to negotiate. They mainly included:


Automobile: Volkswagen, Saic Motor, Foxconn, BYD, Geely automobile, Xinjing precision parts, General motors, MOBIS, USUI, Peugeot, Bosch and other nearly 100 vehicle manufacturers’ first/second-level suppliers.


Shipping: Shanghai Shipbuilding Technology Research Institute, Cosco Shipping, China Shipbuilding Industry Research Institute, Shipbuilding Technology Research Institute and more.


Electronics: Haier Group, INESA, Swick Electronics, Shanghai Gelin Electronics, Haimen Zhengda electronics, Hisense Group, Riteng Electronics, Foxconn Electronics Industry and more.


Machinery/equipment: China Machinery Industry Federation Caterpillar, Sany Heavy Industry, XCMG and more.


Aerospace: Shanghai Space Administration, Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing, China Aerospace Science and Technology, Beijing Shouhang, Beijing Aerospace Huashi, Shanghai Precision Navigation Technology, Shanghai eastern airlines, Sino aviation, Weihai Guangtai Airport Equipment and more.


2019 Shanghai Fastener Expo will also continue to strengthen the trade and cooperation between China and foreign fastener industry, cultivate brands and build channels, and make greater contributions to comprehensively promoting the development of global fastener trade., Please recognize the " Fastener Expo Shanghai 2019 " hosted by ITE Group on June 26th-28th , 2019 at theNational Convention and Exhibition Centre (No.333 Songze avenue, Shanghai).


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