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We want to be the main supplier for our customers worldwide with respect of metal parts.


We provide additional service to our customers and in this we must keep a close eye on quality.


Also, the most important thing to supply our customers with constant quality, and it works well so far.


Our main products are metal parts, we manufacture machine parts. Our advantage is working with engineers in Netherlands, who are capable of reviewing customers’ specification requirements.With that, we are able to source the best manufacture factory in China according to our custormers’needs.


Well, our company has started 30 years ago in Netherlands, and we have branch offices in Shanghai 15 years ago. At the beginning, we mainly export to Europe. With the development of company, we stepped our new business in Chinese domestic market and Middle Asia, so this is our first time attending the show.


The setup of the exhibition is quite good, unfortunately, the first day was rainy day, today is sunny day and as you can see we supply many kinds of products, so lets hope for the best and expect more visitors.

ITE Shanghai Exhibitions Limited
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