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Guangzhou BenHui Hardware Co., Ltd.
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Guangzhou beihui Hardware Co., Ltd. is the production of various kinds of rivets. The riveting tool of rivet nut. The company, the company has advanced production equipment and complete set of rivet dozens of automatic lathes, General Factory is located in Zhejiang Quzhou, in Guangzhou, Shenzhen. Foshan. To set up sales offices, and they all over the China around cooperation partners for domestic customers Chinese provide quick and perfect service.

From the founding of the company, technology innovation in Guangzhou North Hui led the development of the field of riveting trend and continue to promote its development, the main products are: open type blind rivet, sealed type blind rivet, double drum type rivet, wire drawing type blind rivet, hippocampus, Betaloc, ring groove rivet brim rivets, color blind rivets, rivet nuts, nails to Tierra materials, aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel etc..

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