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Dongguan KAO-MENG Machinery Co.,Ltd.
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Our company has many years of professional production of alloy steel wire, special shaped bar / wire, flat wire / flat bar, chain with cold forging and automotive cold forging parts of the experience. Wire applications in fasteners, furniture products, high strength bolts and nuts, automobile and motorcycle spare parts, machine parts, hand tools products; cold forging is mainly used in bicycle, motorcycle, automobile industry, industrial used equipment and automation. Customers in all major factories all over the world.

Our company has many sets of various types of pumping equipment line, cold forging machine, spheroidizing furnace, a bright annealing furnace, cold flat pressing machine, mainly responsible for export orders and South China market. There are four factories in the world that can support each other to meet the needs of the customers in large quantities and in the long term.

Our company and domestic and foreign steel cooperation direct import disc element wire rod production, from raw materials, spheroidization treatment, phosphating, pumping the product line to output consistent operation, can effectively reduce the cost, to ensure that the stability of the material and the quality of the finished product.

Our company also has a professional certification laboratory, technology research and development and stamping die manufacturing sector, dedicated to the development of a variety of different styles of new products, and to assist customers to solve related technical problems.

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