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When Dongguan Rose Visual Technology Co. , Ltd. was founded, it recruited Taiwanese technical team members and combined them with high-tech talents of related Chinese software to SET UP A VISUAL SYSTEM R & D Product Assembly Center, in line with the principle of technological innovation and quality improvement, we have successively successfully developed various types of high cost-effective CCD image screening equipment. During the research and development period, we also set up an incoming materials inspection center in Dalang, Dongguan, Dongguan, to realize and understand the actual needs of the customers for quality testing and screening, to continuously improve and upgrade the functions of the equipment, and to become a professional equipment manufacturer of high precision, high efficiency and high stability in visual image processing technology, related products are widely used in screws, nuts, mobile phone accessories, springs, electronic components, powder metallurgy, rubber and plastic, auto parts, magnetic materials and medical equipment and other industries customers, in order to fully protect the after-sales service items of equipment used by customers in various districts, founded in 2017 in east China, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Rose Technology Co. , Ltd. is committed to improving the timeliness of equipment maintenance for customers in the region in order to gain the recognition of users, in addition to this, we also expanded the investment of the South China Company to Establish Dongguan Roth Vision Technology Co. , Ltd. . Our company has been developing into advanced technology, starting from the Chinese market, with the spirit of customer demand-oriented, we serve many manufacturers in China and have won the support and recognition of our customers. We have entered into the field of factory intelligent manufacturing together, will actively expand the depth and breadth of product R & D level, in order to achieve technical experience accumulation growth, break through the traditional industry to high-tech as the goal. For long-term development, the company will expand its operation scale through product diversification, actively research and develop, invest in innovative technologies, look to the world for international market cooperation opportunities, and train globally competitive business and technical talents, under the cooperation of the core team of the company, we can accelerate the technical growth and improve the vitality of the company, fully implement the company concept of "innovation, service and sustainable management" , and become a first-class, professional and enthusiastic visual technology manufacturer

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