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Haiyan Jinggong Standard Parts Factory
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Haiyan Jinggong standard parts factory is an enterprise specializing in the production of standard fasteners. It has strong technical force and advanced technology. The products are ms-m20 internal and external hexagon bolts, carriage bolts, etc. the export products are made in accordance with German system, British system  and American system . Domestic sales according to the national standard standard production, our factory at the same time to undertake a variety of non-standard parts of the design and manufacture, our products have been with high-quality quality, competitive price and punctual shipment plan to let customers feel satisfied. Products are exported to the world 20 Many countries and regions, also because of this, we maintain a long and good cooperative relationship with our customers. We always firmly believe that good product quality is the only reason for an enterprise to survive. Today's product quality can exchange for tomorrow's market. The company regards product quality as life, and tries its best to reduce product cost on the premise of ensuring quality We hope that we can grow and develop together with our customers

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