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Why choose the 11th Fastener Expo Shanghai?




Fastener whole industry chain event


As a global fastener business platform, Fastener Expo Shanghai satisfy purchasing and trading demand of end-users, fastener manufacturers, traders including fastener raw material, molds, manufacturing equipment, fastener products, testing, warehousing logistics, product sales.




High-end domestic sales, export-oriented


FES covered all main fastener products companies both home and abroad, and nearly all fastener products exhibitors have the intention of exporting industry. Besides, overseas visitors account for 10%, they are mainly from Asia and European regions.






As the organizer of FES, in order to expand more customers for exhibitors to receive more orders, we will dig in fastener end-user market, and explore high-end users including automobile and high-strength fastener construction fastener, engineering machine and other industries.




Strong supporting resources


We will continue to join hands with domestic industry associations and foreign associations.

We will promote via various channels from all aspects, including online and hardware markets promotion of FES ,utilizing over ten years’ accumulated accurate data and ITE ’ s international resources.



30+ high-quality concurrent conference activities


The 11th edition Fastener Expo Shanghai will plan 30+ wonderful conference activities for better promotion the interaction between exhibitors and visitors. The exhibition wil l continue to invite end-users of automobile, construction, engineering machine industries onsite. The industrial giants will share and investigate hot topics with visitors, content including industrial trend. technology sharing, roundtable meetings, etc.




Super large-scale “ECOTECH CHINA” will also take place at the same location and same period.


FES 2020 will be held at the same location and same period with super large-scale “ECOTECH CHINA”. A large number of visitors from chemical, mining, steel, electroplating, metallurgy, electric, gas, public facilities, municipal and water conservancy will visit FES.



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